Best smart plugs 2020: add intelligence to any power socket


You’ve arrived at the definitive T3 rundown of the very best smart plugs of 2020 – plugs and power strips that can add smarts to just about any home gadget, including lamps, fans, wireless phone chargers and more.

Smart plugs only really have one job, but when you’re thinking about making a purchase, remember they don’t all do the job in the same way: if you’re going to spend your hard-earned cash, then you want the best smart plugs in the business in 2020, which is where our expertise can help. 

We’ve listed only the best smart plugs and power strips for 2020 to make your purchasing choice a little bit easier, and we’ve also thrown in some timely buying advice for those of you currently on the look out for one of these incredibly useful devices.

Smart plugs aren’t always particularly cheap, but now could be a great time to pick one (or a few) up – many smart plug brands are discounting their socket rockets for 2020. Whether you want the best smart plugs for HomeKit, the best smart plugs for Alexa, or the best smart plugs for Google Home, read on.

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